Empower mentors and coaches to adopt a proven sports philosophy that nurtures childhood development.

Coaches + Parents:

Changing Youth Sports Begins With You. Be part of the solution and start inspiring kids, instilling skills, and building success.

My first inspiration (for Locker Soccer Academy) was watching my 2 & 3 year old children participate in a fun, non-competitive gymnastics program. As I examined the model used to progress children, I couldn’t help but think that soccer provided another excellent mode through which to develop children. As we evolved our advisory group and began our research with several child development experts, we quickly saw the incredible benefits that soccer could bring to developing children.

After twelve years in business, and approximately 35,000 children later, it’s unbelievable what we have learned about child development and working with kids in a sports
setting. The opportunity to see young children light up everyday with huge smiles and tons of confidence makes this the most rewarding environment that I have ever been in.

With so many children leaving sports by the age of thirteen, and seeing a huge transition from recreational soccer to club soccer around the age of eight, we developed Locker Soccer Elite to meet the growing need in this critical age range. Our model is based on the notion that we can provide an excellent skill based training system with
professional coaches, and compliment that with parent coaches who are trained and educated within the framework of our unique philosophy. It helps to keep costs reasonable and allows children to play at an appropriate level of competition without forcing parents into heavy time commitments and lots of travel.

Was predicated by the startling statistics of so many children leaving sports each year. Parents seemed to be craving leadership and seeking a better way to navigate youth sports. Our approach is steeped in common sense methodology, helping parents understand what really motivates children to continue to play and stay healthy. An underlying need for better coaching has also played a large role in the development of Parent Coach Training Plans that support the thousands of parents who volunteer to help coach our children every year.