Fellow blogger John O'Sullivan and founder of Changing the Game Project weighs-in on U.S. Soccer's small sided game mandate and changes to birth-year age groups, as opposed to the August 1 through July 31 age groups we currently use. He reiterates my post from last week - Coaching is Over-Rated (Why 3 versus 3 is so valuable). He also looks at stats regarding playing small sided games and the evidence is overwhelming. Small sided games yield more experience -- and generally more fun.

In the Man United study, playing 4v4 instead of 8v8 yielded:

  • 135% more passes
  • 260% more Scoring Attempts
  • 500% more Goals Scored
  • 225% more 1v1 Encounters
  • 280% more Dribbling Skills (tricks)

Read John's blog post on here.

- Steve Locker